I have lived in three different states Indiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico. I love seeing the diverse dishes of different regions of the US.

Amy's Mulligan Stew

A friend gave me this recipe for this hearty comfy stew several years ago and I make it often. It is great on a chilly winter's night. With only a few ingredients this thick stew is easy and inexpensive. Pairs well with some crusty bread or cornbread. Watch closely at end of cooking time so does not scorch though.

Ten Can Soup

This is a mildly spicey soup that is super easy and relatively inexpensive to make. Open ten regular sized (approx 10.5 oz)canned goods, throw them in the pot with a few other ingredients and you got it. Add whatever canned vegetables you like and make it Eleven Can Soup or Twelve Can Soup or ? Can Soup. Good slow cooker recipe. I often make corn muffins with it.

Pineapple Cake Cookies

If you are looking for a different type of cookie, try these moist cake like sweet pineapple cookies. They get better overnight. This recipe has been one of my favorites as it was my very first one given to me by a neighbor and saved in my very own cookbook.

Pecan Pineapple Chicken Salad

A family favorite. This chicken salad is yummy and great for a lunch date or get together.

Amy's No Meat Summmer Vegetable Soup

Tired of meat and having some leftover items in the freezer, I came up with this Slow Cooker vegetarian soup. Hope you like it.

Mom Franklin's Baked Beans

I never knew there were so many different ways of preparing baked beans, I thought molasses was always a ingredient until I moved to different states around the country. This is my favorite from my mother's side of the family, up Massachusetts way. I prefer applewood bacon..

Butterscotch Crater Cake

Very moist and delicious cake and best of all no frosting.