I have cooked for myself and others for over 40 years. I would call it American schlock - easy stuff handed down by cultural osmosis. Basic meats, fish, potatoes, rice, vegetables, salads, egg dishes, etc. Simple prep. No recipes. Reliable, healthy, good taste.

However, in Nov. ‘09, I decided to try to expand my culinary horizons and improve my cuisine. I began with an extravagant Thanksgiving buffet, followed by Christmas specialties, all well received.

My favorite meals, however, are Chinese. For 2010, I purchased a wok and began extensive research on the internet. Using excellent techniques and recipes from around the globe, I was off. I have transcended the dishes available in affordable restaurants in complexity and subtlety. I am thrilled with the return on effort and expense.

I look forward to further experiencing previously untried culinary experiences. I live near many international markets, so all ingredients are readily available. Here’s to cooking and eating well!