Tara N. Edwards

I always dreamed of cooking and baking. I spent hours on end watching my mother make dinner every night. I watched Great Chefs from Around the World and Julia Child as a little kid. So why did I not go to culinary school? I listen to my parents! My mother said she wouldn't pay for me to go to culinary school. So I went to a top business school for 4 years and got a degree I dont use.

I now am a work at home mom to 3 boys (5/18/04, 5/22/06 & 01/08). I own my own business that does custom invitations, announcements, favors, webpages and more.

So yes, I got parties covered, from the invitations to favors to all the food, the parties I throw are one of a kind!

I am known for my baking and have baked for some celebrities when they would come to the Hamptons.

I hope to focus a little bit more on my cooking/baking and hope to be able to bring that aspect more into my business front. It's wonderful to be able to be passionate about your work :)


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