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I have lived in Delta, B.C. (Vancouver) for the last 30 years, before that I lived in Victoria, B.C., Ottawa, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. My love of cooking comes from my mother and my Nana who were excellent cooks, in fact my Mom, who is 86 still is an excellent cook! Today I am a Nana and one of my favorite things to do is too cook with my grandson and granddaughter.

Baking - Cookies and Squares

Collection // 2 items

Baking - Quick Breads

Collection // 12 items

Baking - Breads/Rolls

Collection // 2 items

Baking - Muffins

Collection // 9 items

Main Dishes - Slow Cook

Collection // 17 items

Main Dishes - Veal

Collection // 4 items

Main Dishes - Pasta

Collection // 31 items

Main Dishes - Seafood

Collection // 29 items

Main Dishes - Pork

Collection // 45 items

Main Dishes - Beef

Collection // 38 items

Main Dishes - Poultry

Collection // 109 items