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Stuffed Pepper Soup I

Rating: 4.5 stars 370
This soup has the same ingredients that you use to stuff green peppers but the peppers are not actually stuffed.

Cabbage and Smoked Sausage Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 146
Even kids who don't care for vegetable soup may enjoy this one. Very good flavor. Sometimes I use crushed tomatoes with garlic, onion, or basil now that they're available. Turkey smoked sausage is great in this recipe!

Super-Delicious Zuppa Toscana

Rating: 5 stars 3416
Restaurant-worthy, hearty soup with sausage, potatoes, cream, and spinach.

Spicy Veggie Cabbage Soup

Rating: 4 stars 7
Just love this soup. I developed it to use up small quantities of veggies, and we fell in love with the flavors. For a less spicy soup, use regular italian sausage. For more heat, add some cayenne pepper and/or crushed red pepper flakes.

Pico de Gallo Chicken Quesadillas

Rating: 4.5 stars 1007
Flour tortillas filled with chicken breast, onions, peppers, pico de gallo, and Monterey Jack cheese.

Chilled Beet Soup

Rating: 4 stars 20
I have modified this soup from a recipe I got from a blender book. Canned beets are great for this recipe. You can save the juice from the canned beats, freeze it and add it in place of the chilled water or ice. Try serving with a dollop of sour cream.

Creamy Vegetable Cheese Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 23
This recipe has been in my family for years. Quick and easy. Everyone will love it. For some variation, try other vegetables.

Rich and Simple French Onion Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 1397
This rich French onion soup is packed with three types of cheese.

Best Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 66
This is from a dear old friend when I first got married 30 some years ago. She's a Finlander from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so it may be familiar to some of you. We needed lots of warm soup living in the cold northern region!

Garbage Soup

Rating: 4.5 stars 40
This soup is made with leftover veggies. My kids call it garbage soup because it would have been garbage if we hadn't made soup! Throw in any type vegetables you have in your fridge to add some flavor.