Michelle Leigh Gossman

I am married with two kids, but for 13 years I was a single parent. I had to learn to cook healthy meals that my kids would like, but also all different tastes and levels of spiciness so my kids would not grow up to be such picky eaters and it worked. I also learned how to take shortcuts to make it quicker and easier.

I like to cook from simple to almost gourmet with the least amount of money. The most expensive meat I make is 15 to 20 dollars, but it will feed 6 to 8 people so essentially, I am still cooking for 4 people at less than $10 a meal and sometimes even leftovers. I also like to take my days off and cook several entrees with similar ingredients and freeze them. Sure saves time in the long run.

Lastly, I'm all about preparation. I get all my necessary ingredients and cooking utensils out before i ever start to cook.You can't imagine how much time it saves when you're not having to constantly reach into the fridge, drawers, cabinets and spice racks.

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