I'm not a vegetarian but try to eat as little meat as possible. It is not often I make a dish centered around meat, however, there is a fabulous Crab Stuffed Chicken breast recipe on here that I made an exception for:) Generally, I use LOTS of veggies and substitute tofu and potatoes where chicken is called for.

Vegetarian Taco Soup

Had this at a work potluck. The lady who made it went ahead and just brought index cards with the recipe on it b/c she knew everyone would want it. She was right! Been making this for years. Can easily add 1/2 pound hamburger for meat eaters.

Seven Layer Salad

My family has been making this for years. Everytime I introduce it to people they rave about it!

Creamy Goat Cheese Spread

We had this at a wine bar in town and I made it at home based on the menu description. Absolutely fabulous! Serve with crusty bread.