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I only have one thing to say about eating artichokes. If you are cutting off the stem and throwing it away you are throwing away one of the best parts. When cooked, the taste and texture is identical to the heart. In fact, some stores sell artichokes with stems 4-6" long. If they didn't taste fantastic, why would anyone pay for something that they were going to cut off and throw away? I never buy a short stemmed artichoke. the long stems are a huge bonus.

Holy Cow these were amazingly good! My wife saw the recipe and requested I go half on the ground red chili pepper and it's a good thing too because it was still quite spicy. Is cayenne the same as ground red? That may be where the problem was, I'm not sure. Also on the rub before baking instead of more pepper, black and red I used Snider's Barb-B-Que spice to make the wife happy. We got a large pack of back ribs from Costco and even without the sauce, just the Snider's they were unbelievable but the sauce is the bomb. After applying on the grill at the end and dipping directly while eating the sauce didn't seem as spicy so everything worked out perfectly. I made a triple batch of the sauce since we had 7 lbs. of ribs instead of 2 and actually a single batch would have been enough even for 7 lbs, maybe a double for those who like to dip more while eating. I've been looking for a good sauce I can call my own for a long time and this is it. I can't wait to try it on some pulled pork shoulder. So my only advise is watch the red pepper, you can always add more while it's reducing. Allow more time also. The triple batch was simmering for 3 hours to get get it the right thickness. These were easily better than any ribs I have ever had, including the famous restaurants known for ribs.