Burrito Pie
Rating: Unrated
VARISSUL's rating

This recipe calls for a "large skillet". That is an understatement. If you add all of the ingredients to the skillet, you will require a skillet of about 18-inches in diameter or a "rondo" (sp?). Therefore, I did not add the refried beans to the pan. Instead, I layered them onto the tortillas first, then the cheese, (which the recipe calls for 9 ounces but isn't quite enough, you need more like 12). And, I still had 4 tortillas left over after I layered. She also stated that a 4-quart casserole dish would suffice. No way. An 11"X 15" casserole pan is required to use all of the products. The recipe also stated that it serves 7. Seven what?? Giants?? I was able to get 12 servings from this recipe with leftovers. If you want more "spice" than what the recipe states it has, add some jalapeno flavored refried beans instead of the basic and use a HOT taco sauce. Overall, I'd say the author has a good recipe, but far from perfect.