Peanut Butter Cupcakes
Rating: Unrated
EBjurstrom's rating

The consistency was all wrong. After adding the dry ingredients and milk, I wwas left with a lummpy and incredibly tough batter. I adde more milk in an attempt to loosen it up but nothing seemed to work. I had more of a cookie dough than a cupcake batter. After baking them I noticed that the middle of the cupcakes didn't cook at all. I burned the edges and saw no improvement on the liquid like center. I have been cooking for quite some time and have yet to have a disasterous incident such as this. Furthermore, the dog food flavor actually came out in my cupcakes, what a lovely accent for my chocolate cream cheese frosting. I most definately would advise against using this recipe as I no intend to make a vanilla cake with my chocolate frosting.