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I'm 29 and have a degree in Arts, I've been drawing/painting since i was a child. Besides, I do love cooking, well... i also love eating!!! At home, i'm the person in charge of cooking (actually i took over the kitchen!!), so i'm constantly providing my loved one's with healthy and hearty meals to satisfy their appetite. When it comes to desserts.... i'm a master baker!!
I love trying new recipes, whenever i find something that looks yummy i MUST give it a try. I recently learned that I suffer from celiac disease so I'm on a gluten-free diet. I had a terrible cry at the beginning, but somehow I found the strength to face my intolerance and and look on the bright side of the situation. A month ago I opened a cooking blog were most of my recipes can be cooked with both gluten-free or regular wheat flour. So If you'd like to come by and say hi you're very welcomed!!!
And recently I got engaged to my best friend, my support and my love :)
visit me: http://larpeirasingluten.blogspot.com/