Eggless Ginger Cookies
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glidingtalon's rating

I had to use margarine instead of shortening and added 1/2 tsp of fresh, pulverized ginger root along with the ground ginger. In the end, the dough was much too dry to roll out so I just splashed a tinsie bit of water on it (bad idea). Had to undo that with more flour. Anyway, they turned out great! Experimented a bit with baking time (only cause I forgot them in the oven!) So one batch was in for about 10 minutes, the other about 17-18 minutes. The first batch is fine, nice and bready. But I prefer the cookies that I left in too long. They're very crunchy when cooled but I really enjoy the crunch! Could almost be stone cookies if I baked them at a lower temp and left them in longer :)