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Six-Vegetable Juice

Rating: 5 stars 4
Our family and friends enjoy my vegetable garden by the glassfuls. My husband likes spicy foods, and after one sip, he proclaimed this juice perfect. For more delicate palates, you can leave out the hot peppers. -Deborah Moyer, Liberty, Pennsylvania
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Watermelon and Cucumber Juice with a Spritz of Lime

Rating: 4 stars 20
Cool and refreshing juice — this is a mellow cucumber and watermelon juice recipe with a touch of tartness from the lime.

Homemade Vegetable Juice Cocktail

Rating: 4.5 stars 26
This is a recipe for homemade vegetable juice cocktail. You will need a pressure canner to do the whole batch, or scale it down to fewer servings, and drink within a couple of days. A great way to keep the taste of summer all year!

Best Watermelon Slushie

Rating: 4 stars 8
This is a healthy, delicious, refreshing treat for a hot day. Replace the honey with blue agave sweetener if you wish. Enjoy!

Tropical Carrot-Apple Juice

Rating: 4.5 stars 21
This recipe can be changed to what you like. Add more apples, lower the amount of carrots; what have you.

Spiced Tomato Juice

Rating: 4 stars 6
I always serve this spiced-up tomato juice at our family's Easter Sunday brunch, but it's good any time of year.
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Sparkling Green Tea Lemonade

Rating: 3.5 stars 9
If you think green tea is boring and tasteless, then this is something that could COMPLETELY change your mind. The sparkling fizz makes it taste fresh and feel good on your throat, while the sugar, lime, and green tea add a zingy sensation to the old taste. This is a personal family favorite, and I made it up in my own kitchen! Perfect for parties, get-togethers, and family picnics on hot summer days.

Peaches 'n Mint Juice

Rating: 4.5 stars 5
Refreshing combination of juices and herbs. Great for energy levels and your skin!

Mango Craze Juice Blend

Rating: 3.5 stars 5
A great smoothie for the true mango lover!

Celyne's Green Juice - Juicer Recipe

Rating: 5 stars 17
Great juicer recipe with veggies you won't taste. Great for kids as they don't taste the veggies. My 3- and 5-year-old boys love it!

Breakfast Zinger Juice

Rating: 4.5 stars 59
This is a delicious, cleansing juice that's great in the morning. Great way to kick start your day, while getting necessary vitamins.

Healthy Green Juice

Rating: 4.5 stars 110
A deliciously zingy drink for detoxing or whenever you need a pick-me-up!