My love affair with Allrecipes started in 2010. I was so tired of asking my family the same age old question..."what do you want for dinner?" with their usual response being, "I don't knowwww." {whine} So I turned to the Internet, searched, and found my answer. ALLRECIPES! Since then it has honestly been my go-to site everyday. What started out as ideas for dinner recipes turned into my main resource for side dish, soup,salad,vegan (for my daughter), dessert, and my favorite...drink recipes;) I just love that I can simply type in the word "chicken" and POP! Literally hundreds of tried and true recipes with photos and recommendations(my favorite section) by moms like me and even chefs from around the world are at my disposal. It is now 2015 and I must say thankyou to all the contributors to Allrecipes. I have always loved cooking but believe with all of your ideas ,photos, tweaks, and recommendations, I am a better cook today.