Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake

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My Chocolate spin on ST Louis Gooey Butter cake

Corny Cornbread

Cornbread- It is delish with soups or beans


First layer is a pretzel crust, second is cheese-cakish, third is choclate pudding, fourth vanilla pudding and finally cool whip. I found out it's VERY important NOT to get store brand items. Yes, it saves money but I found it loses taste. I make this pie for every family gathering and every potluck I go to...Everyone Loves it!

Melissa's better than Mashed Potatoes

I make these for special dinners and pot lucks. Makes alot. But they're is never any left to take back home. Everyone LOVES them. No Gravy needed! They're Mmm Goood! I have it listed as feeding 15.