Dolmas (Stuffed Grape Leaves)
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Saya's rating

Great recipe, I also stuffed bell peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes with the same stuffing. OMG that turned out to be awsome. When adding bell peppers and eggplants make sure you line them on the bottom of your pot since the veggies are raw and will need more heat cooking them. Remove all the seeds from bell pepper keep the stem portion so that you cover the top and then place it in the pot. For the eggplants use the thin once not those bulky huge once. If the eggplant is too long cut it in half and shave off the inside of it leaving a thin layered skin about (3 mm.) I use a teaspoon doing that. Make sure you leave the bottom of the eggplant untouched so that the stuffing does not spill. The tomatoes go on all theway on top around the pot after you have rolled your dolmas. Again cut off the top of the tomato and shave off the inside with the spoon add filling and cover with the stem portion. It is YUMMY. Enjoy