Mujaddara Arabic Lentil Rice
Rating: Unrated
mycathatesme's rating

This needed a lot of salt to get the flavors to pop, but once they did the dish was really good! I am SO bad at making rice and lentils (in any combination), so I won't fault the recipe when I say that mine turned out really mushy. I've never had this dish before, but from the pictures it looks like the rice should have a little fluff left in it. Mine did not. It was almost the consistency of mashed potatoes (almost). Again, I think that's due to my own inadequacies rather than the portions in the recipe. Even with the consistency being a little off, I was satisfied at the end of the meal! I definitely think I'll make this again, and hopefully I'll be able to tinker with the portions so that is looks more like the photos and less like gruel! Oh, added whole cumin seeds and a pinch of cinnamon to the fried-onion process and I'm glad I did.