Mom in Wisconsin

My first excursion into cooking was for my Girl Scout badge. Iirc, it was a success; not great, but good. It wasn't until college that I really had to cook on my own and who can truly call college cooking, cooking? After college, I had to cook for myself and I did okay. I had an electric stove in my apt and I hated it. I remember one time finding my wooden cutting board on a burner that was turned on. Thankfully, I caught it quickly and only ruined one side of my cutting board.
I cooked more after I got married and I cooked some disasters. Mostly my disasters were related to trying to cook healthy, low fat meals. I guess my skills improved over time or at least they weren't so bad that my husband wanted to cook instead of me!
My cooking skills are significantly improved now. I think it’s because I only choose top rated recipes - you rarely go wrong. It is also great having kids – my girls think their mom is the best cook in the world.

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