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I'm pretty eclectic in most all things, sort of an old fashioned gal in some respects, and in others not so much. I like to crochet and embroider and just mention them here because they aren't in the list of "indoor" activities. I'm 56 years old at this time, and began cooking beside my grandmother, who raised me. I learned a lot of good basic things from her, some about cooking and some about life in general. As for her recipes, they are mostly in my head and somewhat difficult to put onto paper as I am used to putting in a "little" of this, a "handful" of that, a "pinch" of the other, a "dash" or two of this.... you get the idea. ~smiles~ Being raised on the Oregon Coast, I learned to cook and appreciate fresh seafood and wild game.

I love my grandkids, who sometimes keep me feeling young, and other times very old; but at all times I enjoy them.