Collection by dariqueen

Layered Patchwork Soup Mix

Rating: 3.5 stars 19
A lovely gift of ready to be made soup mix in a jar. This has become a very popular gift idea.

Potato Soup Mix

Rating: 4 stars 63
Potato soup in a jar is made with potato flakes and dry milk seasoned with turmeric and thyme.

Turkey Noodle Soup Mix

Rating: 4.5 stars 12
A gift for the holiday season when there is usually a lot of leftover turkey meat!

Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar

Rating: 4 stars 268
Easy to make hot cocoa mix in a jar. This recipe makes enough for two quart-sized jars. You can dress them up to give as fun holiday gifts, or take a jar on a camping trip and enjoy hot chocolate by the campfire. Sealed properly, these can be stored in a dry area for up to 3 months.

Hot Cocoa Mix

Rating: 4 stars 302
I make this at the beginning of the cold weather, and have it ready all winter. Vary the flavor of your mix by trying flavored nondairy creamer; I like the cinnamon.

Brownie Mix in a Jar

Rating: 4.5 stars 192
An adorable jar with a delicious brownie mix is the perfect gift for any occasion. Have a baked batch handy when giving the jars so that everyone will know they're in for a treat!

Cafe Mocha in a Jar

Rating: 4 stars 2
A great balance of chocolate and coffee. Add 1 tablespoon mix to 6 ounces hot water for a warming treat!