Gianna Petrosyan

My name is Gianna and I am 100% Armenian.
I moved to Russia when I was a little girl and grew up there. At the age of 9 my family decided to move to the U.S. My family is very big when it comes to cooking (so is my culture)growing up I was always in the kitchen with my mom watching everything she was doing and asking her a billion questions. Every time I was in the kitchen alone I would start cooking and learning. I never cooked following recipes I always created my own and put my own things together and started seeing what went good together and what did not. As I got better I started to fall in love with cooking. As much as I love going out with my friends, every time I would go out with my friends I could not wait to get home and start cooking and trying new things. Then I met my husband and cooking became even more fun because we do it together and have a great time doing it. My family, Friends and husband love my cooking and that's great because I enjoy preparing them food.

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Russian Garden Salad

Rating: 4.5 stars 19
This delicious Russian garden salad is one of the most popular and traditional salads in Russia.