I only really started to cook while living with my boyfriend in St Maarten. We love biking, running, working out and EATING! The challenge for each dish is to spice it to my BF's Middle Eastern tastebuds, keep it healthy, keep it kosher AND hope I can get everything I need from the very unreliable supermarkets here on the island!!

Lazy Man's Sushi Salad

A great dish when you're craving sushi but don't have time for rolling! Veggie measurements are general guidelines - add as much or as little as you'd like and don't be afraid to create your own "roll".

Parve Cholent

'Cholent' is a slow cooking stew made for the Jewish Sabbath. 'Parve' simply means meatless. You may have trouble pronouncing the name but you won't have trouble devouring this simple yet hearty stew. This recipe leaves lots of room for variation, so feel free to personalize to your taste.

I Can't Believe It's Non-Dairy Cheesecake!

A lighter density has made several people profess their preference for this tofutti cheesecake over real cheesecake. Garnish with flavored syrups or fruit for a little flair. Delicious, easy to make and a special treat for our lactose challenged friends!