George Van Aken

My name is George Maurice Van Aken and I was born in Mesa, Arizona on December 6, 1966. I was named after both of my fathers’ grandfathers. I never did meet either of them.
I was married at the ridiculous age of eighteen and sired my first progeny when I was twenty-two. Sabrina Rose is as beautiful as her name. Our second child was born in 1991, another beautiful daughter, April Anne.
The girls’ mother and I wondered why our parents divorced. We tried it in 1993.
We both remarried and currently get along quite well. The girls’ stepfather treats them much as I would and they are none the worse for wear. They both get straight A’s and I have high hopes.
I found my soul mate and married her just as soon as I found out that she was pregnant. She came with a wonderful extra that was two years old when we married. He calls me “Daddy” and without him I would be sonless. His name is Adrian Michael Andrews and he’s now thirteen years old. A better boy cannot be found!
When Adrian was thre