My mom was always a wonderful cook and took pride in finding new recipes for the family. We rarely ate the same thing twice in one month. Being a mom myself, I want to keep on the "tradition" as well as encourage my daughter to be open minded. My mom and I now trade our new-found recipes and my daughter is one of the healthiest, least picky eaters I know. (I'm not kidding...she eats healthier than me...when it came time to find a birthday treat to share with her classmates, she suggested that we bring Grape TOMATOES. I had to advise against it because I don't know how many other 5 & 6 years olds would agree). My male roommate/daughter's godfather(we have a house and he rents a room) has gotten into the spirit and has learned to love cooking! My boyfriend just likes to enjoy the results. I wonder what I would have done if it wasn't for allrecipes.com!!