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My husband and I are avid scuba enthusiasts, and we have been diving all over the world in our 25 years of scuba certification. I enjoy quilting when I'm not cooking. Six years ago, I shed some 112 pounds after an illness, but still enjoy cooking for my husband and grown kids. Our older child, a son, is an attorney, and our daughter is a PA (Physician Assistant, who recently blessed us with our first grandchild, the new love of our lives.). Cooking is my life-line. It keeps me connected. My family blessed me with a rich culinary heritage, and I began learning early. My mom went back to college for her masters in education when I was still in high school, so I cooked dinner for my family on many occasions. Food is the great equalizer. Rich or poor, there are few who don't experience a truly visceral enjoyment via great food. For me, few pleasures equal creating something that makes people moan with near-ecstasy!

Savory Sauces

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Meal Type-Vegetarian

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Dish Type-Muffins

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Meal Type-Oriental

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Dish Type-Rolls

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Meal Type-Pork

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Meal Type-Cheesecakes

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Meal Type-Muffins

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Meal Type-Dessert Sauces

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Dish Type-Quick Sweet Breads

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