Holly B.

I've been severely disabled for many years, and live alone. I have no car and hardly ever leave home. It's hard to cultivate new friends that way! I'd like to meet some good folks who can speak with me in English. I don't mind speaking Spanish, but I'll never be good at it. Doing it all the time makes my brain feel like it's frying sometimes! I've been in Mexico over 15 years, and love it here. Many good people.

I'm also an author, and love reading as well as writing.

I can be contacted at a yahoo e-mail account named hollybergeim. Use Holly in the subject line; I'll delete all the rest.

Though I love to cook, my pain makes it very difficult to do so. Sometimes a meal will take me 5-6 hours! I can't be on my feet more than a couple of minutes without support - a distinct bummer.

I'd like to meet some people who live in the area nearby.