Dr Brenda

Cream Filled Cupcakes

Rating: 4 stars 16
A great "surprise" in the middle of these delicious treats. Makes a great classroom treat for your birthday child, especially for the kids that LOVE the frosting and usually just lick it off the top.

Coffee Icing

For all those coffee lovers that just cant get enough coffee everywhere else.

Banana Frosting

Great way to use up those over ripe bananas! A great frosting for banana cake or banana bread.

Chocolate Frosting


Banana Cake

Great way to use those bananas up!

Bakery Frosting

To die for! Yet SOOO easy!

Cheryl's Famous Cheese Ball

Better make more than one! Won't last long.

Easy Cracker Spread

It doesnt get any easier than this.

Easy Caramel Corn

Hard to stop eatting once you start. So light and crunchy. It just melts on your tongue!

Napolean Cream Bars

Delicious multi-layered dessert bar.

Mom's Strawberry Pie

A favorite for everyone in my family! Won't last long at your house either!