Bing Bars

This is a home-made version of the Twin Bing candy bars from the 60s. They are rich and sweet and a small piece is a nice treat.

Mom's Spiced Eggnog Pancakes

These are a fun change of pace during the holiday season.

Chicken Waldorf Pizza

This recipe came from a friend's love of Waldorf salad. Sweet, salty and crunchy are all included.

Choco-Coco Bliss

The original recipe for this appears on the back of the Stoli bottle. I adjusted the amounts a bit, increasing both the juice and the simple syrup by 1/4 part. It is a lovely drink.

Just Beachy

This drink makes you feel like you're on a beach under an umbrella.

Banana Split Dessert

A great summer-time treat.

Judy's Not-so-traditional English Trifle

This is a great dessert when you need to impress. A friend gave me a similar recipe over 20 years ago. I've tweaked it over the years to come up with this. It takes some work but the end result is really delicious.

Cold Asparagus with Lemon-Mustard Vinaigrette

My friend Kate's way of serving asparagus cold - this is a great summertime side. The vinaigrette cools the heat of the onion nicely.

Judy's Sweet Potato Mash

Not a marshmallow in sight in these potatoes! The tang of the mustard offsets the sweetness nicely. Even with the tang, my friends say these still taste like dessert.

Bacon & Blue Brussels Sprouts

Rating: 4.5 stars 74
My friend knows I hate Brussels Sprouts. She gave me this recipe. These are fab!