The best homemade Whipped Cream or base

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Thick, heavenly and quick, homemade whipped cream. The lemon adds a hint of light citrus, the vanilla warms and enriches the typically too sugary treat. By adding these two ingredients, I cut the sugar in half! Great for french toast, fruit dip and desserts, or as a base for more elaborate cream use recipes.

Organic Oats Soft Granola Nut Honey and Chocolate cake bars

Almost a dessert but not quite and loaded with nutrients and protein. Use Organic Honey, Butter etc and you have an amazing natural treat.

Grand Lite Organic Downhome Tempura Veggie mix with Seafood

Excellent for those of us who want some Japanese exotic, with familiar foods made at home. Made with Olive Oil Garden veggies and seafood if wanted :)

Organic Natural Honey Foam Honeycomb Candy

Fabulous candy made with Honey similar to Violet Crumble

Family size Pot pie chicken bake

Chicken, Veggies, and Cheese with a twist, layered with Pie dough to create a huge family size pot pie. Fabulous for colder climates and very easy to make. We use no salt added organic veggies canned, and no salt chicken for less sodium and fats. Truly a favorite and can feed about 8.

Fluffed spice prawns

Large Shrimp or prawns in a light and airy fried casing with garlic lemon and pepper, cheese (parmesan is best) to add some zip! Easy, very tasty and always a big hit. from start to finish, about 12 minutes.