I'm a biochemist by profession but my friends call me the original spice girl. I love cooking spicy vegetarian Indian food and my aim in life is to help people get over their fear for spices (spicy does not mean hot!!) and discover how wonderful they can be. I wanna show people that vegetarian food does not have to be a tasteless salad or a platter full of steamed vegetables. It can be as wholesome and meaty as any meat based dish.

I grew up in a house perfumed with spices and the fragrance of freshly prepared food.The oven in our house never stopped burning.Cooking is at the heart of my family and it brought always brought us together as a family.
Apple Squares
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Sunaina's rating

Excellent recipe except for the amount of sugar.1 cup is way too much sugar and makes the cake very sweet. I used only 1/2 cup of brown sugar and it was plenty sweet. Overall loved the recipe:)