I'm a person who's very friendly and love people .And i do enjoy cooking I like to try different foods and i love to add vegetable in my dishes but in a way the kids don't notice it.I have 3 kids my oldest is a boy he's 12 and he's a lady man well that what the teacher says my 2nd oldest is 11 and she to cute for her own good and my baby boy is 8 he so adorable i have a wonderful husband who i been married to for 8 years and we been together for 13 years.

Momma sweet potatoe pie

Well my mother was an excellent cook baker who would just made delicious desserts and food of all flavors and styles.But she was one of the old time cook who didn't really measure her ingredients.But she was famous for her legendary sweet potatoe pies and egg custard pie.She's no longer with us but i just wanted to share this mouth watering treat with you with a little of my spices add to it as well.See i'm a lot like my mom i really don't measure my things So here goes i hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.

lemon cake

my mother was always in the kitchen baking it wasn't a day that went by. That we didn't have a delicious home made cake.This is one of my to die for lemon cake

Caramel Coffee

this is a spin on ordinary coffee