I've been cooking and baking since I was a child. As a child I especially loved to bake. I still use the Cowboy Cookie recipe that I copied from a neighbor in Montana over 30 years ago, printed in my 10 year old handwriting. These cookies are my trademark cookies. I first learned to decorate cakes as a 12 year old, taught by a lady I babysat for. Then at age 19 I took a class at a craft store in Bend, Oregon. I eventually went on to work as a professional cake decorator for several years.
I've been married 19 years and of course that means I have cooked a lot of dinners! I like to try new things, but my family is not always as adventuresome as I am. My biggest complaint is that my husband doesn't like cheese! My two boys and I love cheese.
I love to browse the recipes on allrecipes.