Debra Lundquist

I'm young at heart, married to the World's Best Husband, Mother to 2 Wonderful sons, and Grandmother to 2 Amazing boys. I love to cook, I feel it's a way to show my love, because I put my heart into it. I've been cooking since I was 8, so that means I've been cooking over 45 years! I love to try new dishes, and my husband is my guinea pig :)
I'm teaching my grandson's to bake and cook, because it's a way to have them learn to work together. I love hearing that they love what I cook!

Low Cal

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Dish Type-Cookies and Bars

Collection // 15 items

Dish Type-Marinades/Sauces

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Dish Type-Drinks

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Dish Type-Soups

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Dish Type-Breads

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