i am 14 years old and have been cooking basically my whole life. i love to make new recipes and have people try them out. my family says i should major in cullinary arts in college! and many people i dont know have been trying my food. My blackberry pie won a blue ribbon in the county fair! made from homegrown berries. my sister is allergic to wheat dairy oats barley and rye, so my main mission in the food world is to bring more options to people with allergies. to possibly make a chocolate chip cookie for her that is as delicious as a wheat and dairy cookie, for example. we have to order a lot of her food, and it is great quality, but i do LOVE to make things for her instead of us buying them. i am a dedicated chef, some might even call me obsessed, but im proud of it! I hope to accomplish my dream of being su chef at a 5 star restaurant, or own my own country cafe, "TLC's Country cafe" I've already got it planned out! ; D