Kelly in Kitsuki

I moved away from my hometown 1 1/2 years ago and started living completely on my own in Japan. I teach at a high school and two middle schools. I didn't cook at all for my first year here - it took me that long to figure out the grocery store! Also, it's boring to cook just for yourself, especially when bento are cheap and combinis are everywhere...but, eventually I made enough friends to start inviting groups over now and then, and I bake for my students when they pass their tests.

Besides cooking, I love all sports, especially horseback riding, running, and my newest obsession, judo! I started last year with the team at Kitsuki High School, and I'm good enough now that I can finally beat the middle schoolers! Yay! (Trust me, there is Nothing that keeps you humble as well as being knocked down by a 12 year old who's half your height and weight...hehe)