Honey-Garlic Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs
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autumn's rating

I've made this exactly as written ( I do use low sodium soy sauce even though the recipe doesn't specify), and for such minimal ingredients and effort, it is surprisingly very good as is. Serve over rice or noodles with a veg. or salad on the side and it is a flavorful and very easy meal. If you have a couple more minutes to spare on prep, and a few more ingredients in your pantry - I find this makes it even better- but just as easy: Prepare as directed (I find you can use up to 6 thighs and still have plenty of sauce, and I use skinless thighs that still have the bone.) Add one - or more - or all- of the following to the sauce before pouring over chicken: 1 small onion chopped, 1 tsp. ground ginger, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes. When done, if you happen to have any, add some fresh chopped green onion or scallions or parsley on top just before serving. Some sesame seeds would also be a nice garnish. But,,,,again, for such a simple recipe it is perfectly acceptable as is.