Slow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork
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okiedo's rating

The recipe is great. Those who comment about it that it was "bland" have simply used the wrong Root Beer. If you use a mild Root Beer like A&W it would be better to just drink the Root Beer, great taste! If you want to use a Root Beer that will zing up the flavor level in this recipe then use one with a stronger Root Beer Taste. I use Dad's Root Beer. There is no way that the Pulled Pork from this recipe should taste "dry" if you are following the recipe carefully. You should have a very moist Pulled Pork if you just follow the recipe. I will confess that I did not use a whole 4 ounce bottle of Liquid Smoke. One ounce was plenty. As far as the final result, the taste, is concerned... a great deal of that depends on the choice you make for BBQ Sauce at the end after you have "pulled" the pork. If you want a more spicy result then add a spicy BBQ sauce!! Seriously, this is a no brainer type recipe and ideal for the single person, especially for a guy who doesn't want to thread through the needle of long and drawn out recipes that require lots of finesse. This one is about as simple as it comes. By the way, it doesn't have to be made with Root Beer. Pepsi, Coke, RC and Dr. Pepper are alternatives.