Come tag along with us on our FAB life journey. VP of Talent strategy by day, food lover and blogger by night! My journey for my site begins on 9/11 many years ago. As a bright eyed ambitious 20 year old I narrowly escaped being at work on the 77th floor of 1 world trade center and because luck was on my side I am here today to share my life’s journey with you all. After surviving that horrific day I made a promise to myself to live every day to its fullest and to make the most of every minute I have on earth. My motto after 9/11 has been very simple… YOLO, (you only life once). I made a vow to take a step back and enjoy every single second of my life by eating the best foods, drinking the best wines, taking awesome vacations, and creating a fabulous home. On this blog you will find posts on exciting recipes, great vacation tips, and home decorating ideas. I welcome you all to take a glimpse in to me and my husband’s (Bobby) life!