Collection by Darren

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cups

Rating: 4.5 stars 35
These make a quick and easy breakfast or anytime snack. They freeze well too!

Hash Brown Casserole with Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage

Rating: 4 stars 14
Feeding the whole family for breakfast or brunch is a rise-and-shine situation when you prep this cheesy, smoked sausage-filled casserole the night before.

Bacon Quiche Tarts

Rating: 4.5 stars 415
Light and flaky, these tarts are easy to make and easy to reheat. Just wrap loosely in foil and heat at 350 degrees F for 10 to 15 minutes, or until warm.

Easter Breakfast Casserole

Rating: 4.5 stars 569
This egg, bacon, and hash brown breakfast dish is a step above the classic.

Sausage Crescent Rolls

Rating: 4.5 stars 286
Spicy seasoned sausage mixed with cream cheese and wrapped in crescent rolls. For a different variation, add thin slices of pepperoni on the bottom of crescent roll before the sausage mixture and shred cheddar on top of sausage; roll pastry over.

Bacon Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies With Maple Glaze

Rating: 4.5 stars 82
All the flavors that make up the perfect breakfast in one cookie!

Christmas Breakfast Pizza

Rating: 5 stars 73
Sausage, eggs, crescent rolls, and cheese snuggle down in a casserole, chill overnight, and bake in the morning. It's a great dish for a holiday brunch.

Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce

Rating: 4.5 stars 67
Scotch eggs with mustard sauce are part of the traditional Scottish breakfast, which also includes porridge, bacon, fried egg, sausage, black, white, and fruit puddings, and hot baps and jam. Scotch eggs are also sufficiently versatile to be served hot with gravy at teatime or cold as a snack.

Breakfast Pizza I

Rating: 4.5 stars 286
This is a simple yet different breakfast recipe. It is great for company.

Traditional Coffee Cake

Rating: 4 stars 37
This is a family tradition. Every year my mom makes this cake for Christmas morning. It is great warmed!

Herb, Sausage, and Cheese Dutch Baby

Rating: 4.5 stars 39
This savory Dutch baby is perfect for breakfast and brunch. You can use bacon instead of sausage if you prefer. Serve with a light green salad.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Rating: 4.5 stars 88
These easy cinnamon rolls are made with frozen bread dough.