I was born in India, and have since lived in Mozambique (as a teenager), as well as in Mexico and the UK. Shall be moving to Singapore next year. I am a food columnist and am working on a cookbook. By profession, I am a social worker and specialise in Disability and Reproductive Health issues. I am married to an Economist, and am the mother of a 3 year old baby girl. While I was always fascinated by food and cooking, it was'nt until I got married that I really started cooking regularly. And before that, I had never cooked any meat, chicken or fish, as I grew up in a vegetarian family. The love of my husband, and the absolute impossibility of him living on vegetarian fare made me start, and today I feel my meat and chicken dishes and better than the vegetarian ones. Also my love of food was promoted and nurtured by my husband, who is an avid foodie and loves to try new things all the time!

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