I thought cooking would never be my forte......well I have changed my mind about it. A very 'South Indian' at heart and stomach, my shift to Toronto has changed my food preferences. Sandwiches & Salads, Wedding Soup & Sausage penne pasta, Sushi & miso soup, Hot & soup Soup & Hunan Beef........I love it all. Spices a must! I love to take chances when it comes to making food or eating out...

Spicy Egg Curry

Onions, Garlic, Ginger & tomatoes with hit of spices and egg. A very south Indian curry & easy to make.

Lentil Vegetable Kootu

A very South Indian dish, its a quick & easy on the stomach. You can add any kind of vegetable to it.

Black Pepper Lamb/Mutton Curry

Black pepper is found in abundance in Kerala (south India), coupled with curry leaves it takes Goat/Mutton to a whole new level. You could try this with Chicken or even Eggplant.

Bite sized Salmon Tikka

Rating: 4.5 stars 39
Salmon is versatile, highly nutritious & can be bought fresh or frozen. This 'Indianised' recipe is quick, tasty & ideal as a short snack or a meal eaten with a salad.

Tomato Rasam

Rating: 5 stars 5
Rasam - is the chicken soup (I make it vegan) of South India. A must in every household. A dash of spices is quick pick me up anytime of the day & can be eaten with any curry or even an omlette.

South Indian Chickpea Salad

The State of Tamil Nadu in South India is the origin for curry-Madras Curry - versatile Salads & stir fry. Of course, locally they are known by different names. A twist to a traditional salad, my chickpea salad can be made as an appetizer or a healthy snack with tea.