I am an Environmental Engineer and I began liking cooking when I was living alone in Sweden. I was 23 and I was gaining weight because in Sweden they eat a lot different from Italy, even tough is good!
I found a printed recipe left in the library printer and guess what, it was a recipe form I began baking muffins and american cakes for breakfast, healthy soups and form there i started experimenting a little bit of everything even if i stick with Italian traditional cousine.

Chocolate Sausage (Salame di Cioccolato)

When I was young I loved this recipe!!! ... And I must admit that I still love it a lot! It's an easy no-baking sweet that every kid will enjoy both to make and to eat! The units are not U.S. standard. The biscuits used are dry, crispy, with very few butter and sugar (usually suggested in diets), maybe you can suggets a USA brand for that.

Sweet Chocolate Pears

Light delicious dessert, perfect to end a romantic dinner. The heat of the oven is in Celsius degrees