Kimberley Drake Smith

I like to think that I have a pretty diverse palate. Being a Military Brat and having lived in so many different regions, I enjoy a variety of foods. Now that I am much older though I am settled in Oklahoma, enjoying time with my Husband and Daughter. Introducing my husband to new foods that would have made him turn his nose in the past is my biggest challenge in the kitchen...oh and preparing food to share with my toddler is a tough one as well!

Air Fryer Time

Collection // 2 items


Collection // 1 items

Steak Dinner-Gound Beef

Collection // 19 items


Collection // 2 items


Collection // 16 items

Party Snacks-Salsa

Collection // 6 items

Party Snacks

Collection // 33 items

Pork Dinner

Collection // 30 items

Steak Dinner

Collection // 25 items

Chicken Dinner

Collection // 86 items