Erica Aquino

Graduated with a degree in Hotel,Restaurant and Institution Management, Majored in Culinary arts. Been in the food industry for quite some time.
Good cooking skills and good taste for food runs in the family I suppose.
...Yum! :)

Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice)

My boyfriend loved ordering this in our favorite japanese restaurant.. For dinner one time, i decided to surprise him by making my own.. he absolutely loved it. this is a quick and easy all-in-one meal.. has rice, meat and vegetables.. if you want a little more meat, you can match it up with some chicken teriyaki or grilled barbecue ribs.. YUM!

Hungarian Sausage Fried Rice

A quick, easy and peppery-delicious way to ustilize left over hungarian sausages... rice... and some other stuff. Enjoy!