Hi! Well, I am not the greatest cook, but sure do love doing it! I started cooking and baking about five years ago after moving out on my own and realizing how much I enjoy it all. It has become such a therapeutic and comforting hobby - that even on a Friday night after a long day at work, I sometimes would rather spend until past midnight, cooking up something new.. how ever disastrous the result. :-) I rarely make the same thing twice, not because I don't like it, but because my curiosity for trying new recipes, overbears the tried and true. Even when I host parties, I like to use my guests as guinea pigs! :)

Healthy Creamy Salad Dressing

If you don't like the typical healthy, but clear salad dressings, and crave a dressing that you can see - but won't feel guilty about.. look no further! This is a tangy, creamy salad dressing.

Roasted Yams

Rating: 4.5 stars 119
Roasted, thinly sliced yams, or potato of your choice, quickly adds a healthy and yummy side-dish to your meal. Best when served with chicken, steak, or a mild fish.

Sara's Stuffed Salmon

A simple soy sauce based marinade will leave you with a tender and tasty baked salmon! Stuff with a quick cream cheese mixture and top with a teriyaki glaze.. then sit back and hear the raves!