I've been cooking my whole life, it seems. Mom always said that with 4 kids, it was easier to teach us to help in the kitchen since we were going to be in there underfoot anyway. Besides cooking at home, I was also involved in 4H in a suburban club. My parents were 4H leaders and I was in all of the cooking, sewing and needlework groups. My brothers also raised rabbits so I helped with those as well. I grew up on a small orchard and we always had a big garden to tend as well. It seems we spent most of the summer canning, freezing and drying all of the fruits and veggies that we grew. I also entered lots of baked goods and my canning in the county fair. As one of my careers, I worked in a small restaurant/bakery where I worked as part time line cook and part time baker. I also worked as a cook at a summer church camp while I was going to college, where I cooked for 100 to 130 kids and counselors each week.