I began cooking out of necessity. I am German and was travelling the western states for 6 month as a tourist when my pickup broke down on a guest ranch in Wyoming. The ranchers offered me to stay for free if I would cook for their guests. Well, I appreciated the offer but – “Gee”, I said, “I can’t cook.”
The ranchers didn’t care and I ended up standing in the kitchen with a raw chicken in my hand while trying to call my mother in Germany and ask her what to do with it.
In the following month I used a lot of imagination and benefited from the hours I spend as a kid in my mothers kitchen while she, a highly gifted cook, was preparing meals.
Turned out I had a bit of her talent and got some edible meals on the table.
This is 7 years ago, I’m still in Wyoming, a country I love, and this year the ranch hired me again for cooking. Lucky guests – with my meanwhile acquired experience and all the recipe ideas on they are out for some good food on the ranch!