The first food I learned to cook was cornbread. I was 7 years old and my mother is a southern-raised woman. I still make cornbread and even the kids love it. Both of my parents worked as I was growing up, so when I sunk my claws into cooking, I quickly became the primary chef for the family.

Mediterranean Stuffed Steak

Italian herbs and Greek cheese lend fantastic flavor to spinach stuffed steaks.

Lemonberry Pie

I developed this as a low-fat alternative to cheesecake. A lemon curd base with blueberry pie filling on top, and a special creamy topping. You can modify it with non-sugar sweetener and low-fat alternatives.

Cherry Cola Salad

A refreshing cold gelatin salad with fruit and veggies. Perfect for a picnic or pot-luck. Even gets kids to eat vegetables.