Chef Shelley Pogue

I am from Dallas, Texas. I started my passion for cooking early on in my Grandma's kitchen. Her name was Gracie, and I really wish I would have had the opportunity to cook with her today. She could make an excellent meal out of most anything and that always impressed me. I enjoyed her cooking, and as I remember it is was very comforting and always delicious.

Tart Apple Cranberry Crumble Recipe

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The prep time is very minimal for this fruit crumble, and there will not be much effort spent on cleanup after you get it into the oven. And it is a very tasty dessert for almost any occasion.

How to make Edible Ginger Infused Cooking Oil

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If you are interested in making your own herbal medicines or handmade gifts, infused oils are the perfect way to begin. They are simple to create, absolutely decadent to use and the whole process will make your house smell like heaven.

Decadent Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

This is a recipe for decadent chocolate brownies. If you are a Chocoholic or a Brownie lover this is a good recipe to try. I hope that you enjoy this recipe.

Delicious Chocolate Chip Toffee Bits Drop Cookies

This is a recipe for decadent chocolate brownies. If you are a Chocoholic or a Brownie lover this is a good recipe to try. I hope that you enjoy this recipe

Grilled Hanger Steak with a Roasted Shallot Port Demi Sauce and Grilled Garlic Green Beans

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The Hanger Steak is a thick strip of meat from the underside of the beef cow. It hangs between the rib and the loin and is part of the diaphragm. It is similar to the skirt steak because it is full of flavor but can become tough if it is not prepared correctly. This can be a really nice cut of meat to serve your family without paying too much for it. I am going to give you detailed instructions on how to do just that. Enjoy!

London Broil With Brussels Sprouts in a Pecan Butter Sauce Recipe

This is a great meal for anyone to try whether a novice cook or intermediate. I will list in detail on how to prepare this meal from start to finish. It should take no more than 45 minutes from start to finish.

Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato, Walnut Pesto, and Feta Cheese Recipe

This recipe is really different, and a very easy pasta dish to make. It has some really powerful flavor combinations with the walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, the fresh basil, parmesan cheese, and the feta cheese. It will go really well with a nice salad, with a home made vinaigrette, and some garlic bread. You can always add some very good Italian style olives, if you want to add that flavor profile to this dish. I hope that you enjoy this recipe, it is easy, and it taste delicious.

Pasta Carbonara - A Little Taste Of Italy, Very Simple For You To Prepare At Your Home

If you are looking for a classic Italian dish then this is the one for you. It is fairly easy for anyone to cook if you just follow the directions. To make it the traditional way you will need to use prosciutto or pancetta which is Italian bacon. I prefer to use good American bacon most of the time just because I like the flavor of our pork products. However if it is going to be the classic Italian dish then the other type of pork fat needs to be used.

Steaming, Hearty Choices Beef Stew With Cumin Seed For That Cold Winter Evening, Or Sunday Afternoon

What can be said about stew? I remember as a little girl that familiar smell of being in my Grandma's kitchen. I remember the fascination of watching her prepare a meal that did not require much preparation, but it had many different variations of flavor. I could not seem to get enough of it before you could hear the serving spoon clanging on the bottom of an empty pan.

Key Lime Margarita Pie Recipe

I have made this pie with regular lime juice and it is great. I have found another trick to make this recipe even better, by using key limes. You can find them at most grocery stores year round depending on which state you live in. However, if they are not available year round you can still use the regular limes and it will be a good recipe still. I have found if there is an item that I need if I ask the manager of the fruit and vegetable department they can sometimes bring in the items I need.

Coconut Ginger Ice Cream Recipe - This Is A Must Try, It Is Excellent & Very Easy, Great Kid Recipe

I made this dessert in my final class while attending culinary school. We had to prepare a dessert with a four course meal, before we were able to move on. We had to select blind, the items we were to prepare, and in a time period. We were allowed to bring any items into class that we wanted to use within reason. I decided to bring in rock salt, coconut milk, and shredded coconut. I believe that my instructors loved my coconut dessert dish, due to they ate every last bite, and I made a perfect score.

The Best Little Pasta Dish In Texas, Great Possibilities, And You Can Add Your Own Favorites To It

Basil pesto is one of the easiest types of sauces to make. There is very little preparation for this sauce and it packs a ton of flavor.