An adventurous foodie who will try (almost!) anything once! My mom is an amazing cook. My dad is also very talented and also food-adventurous. He would randomly come home with some new food we hadn’t heard of and force us to try it! Star fruit! Swordfish! Or papaya! So when I moved out 20+ years ago, I had no cooking skills whatsoever! My first years on my own were Hamburger Helper and homemade basics like Taco Salad & Sloppy Joes. I turned to All Recipes to help teach me what my parents never did. How to cook. Those early years! I used this site to learn the basics! I also used it to expand my pallet. Today - I am now an empty nester. My biggest challenge is making a recipe for 2 vs 4-6. Fortunately my husband loves leftovers. We host a lot which is both rewarding, risky and fun! Risky as I never know if a dish will land right or not. And my favorite is when I feel my final product can complete with any restaurant. No, I don’t want to own a restaurant! But love when a dish brings such satisfaction that I want to pay myself!